Top News for June 19, 2014


Here are today's top stories from Tech News Today for June 19, 2014:

  1. Amazon rolled out a new smartphone yesterday called the Amazon Fire phone. Read more at

  2. Twitter has acquired SnappyTV, a small startup that works with major brands and broadcasters to share live video clips on social networks. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Read more at

  3. LEGO introduced today a new product line called LEGO Fusion. It combines plastic bricks with mobile games running on either iOS or Android. Read more at

  4. Netflix has signed a deal with popular late-night show host Chelsea Handler to host her own show on its network. Little is known about the deal at this point, but the show will begin airing (or is it streaming?) in 2016. Read more at

  5. Nokia rolled out an Android app today. It's a home screen replacement for Android phones called Z Launcher. And reviewers are already praising it. Read more at

  6. Android and Windows Phone will have a kill switch built into the operating systems in upcoming versions of the software, the companies say. Read more at

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