Top News for August 1, 2014

Here are today's top stories from Tech News Today for August 01, 2014:

  1. As we reported previously, European regulators asked Google, Microsoft and Yahoo to answer a 26-point questionnaire about its implementation of Europe’s right-to-be-forgotten rules. Google answered, and published their answers in a public Google Docs file. Read more at

  2. HP has partnered with Gilt to develop a new smartwatch launching this fall on the luxury e-marketplace. Read more at

  3. Duke behavioral economics professor and author Dan Ariely has released a free iPhone calendar app that helps you make the most of your day. The app is called Timeful. And it uses sophisticated algorithms and behavioral science to suggest the best times of day to do things, such as getting exercise. Read more at

  4. Russia is at it again. The country has signed a new "blogger law" that requires any person with over 3,000 daily readers to register and disclose personal information to the government. Read more at

  5. Remember those Google barges, the mysterious floating showrooms Google built out of shipping containers? Well now, the Portland Press Herald in the state of Maine is reporting that Google is dismantling at least one of them and turning the metal into scrap. The 250-foot barge’s 63 shipping containers were stacked to create a four-story building on the boat. No word on what’s to become of the West Coast barge that appeared in the San Francisco Bay last year. Read more at

  6. A tourist to New York City named Mike Geller got his Google Glass headset stolen. The thief asked to try it on, and once he was wearing it, ran away. But what the crook didn’t know was that Geller was using a third-party Glassware app called LiveLens, which live-streams video. Geller compiled footage from the thief’s life and posted it on YouTube. Read more at

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