Social Tip: Impact of Weather on Social Media

Considering all of the crazy weather we've had across the US and Canada, it's a good time to examine how weather impacts social media. If you're a social media marketer, following the weather conditions can help you get a larger and more responsive audience. has a lot of interesting statistics on how much the weather can affect people's social media habits. The data shows that bad weather always increases the level of interaction. In fact, in 2013 people reacted, on average, 42% more often when the sun isn't shining. On rainy summer days, interactions increased by 90%.

While the stats suggest that it's beneficial to post during bad weather, it may not always be the right approach. If there's a massive storm with a lot of destruction, it's probably not a good idea to push a product or service. However, it could be an opportunity to provide helpful information to those in the midst of a weather disaster.

We've always known that weather affects mood, so it makes sense that it would reflect a shift in the way people interact with one another. But now with social media, we have actual metrics to show this.

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