iPhone Pick: Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2

Rene Ritchie's pick on MacBreak Weekly 375 is the new Fantastical 2 for iOS from Flexibits. This is an alternative to Apple's Calendar app in iOS, and has been completely rewritten for iOS 7. It now integrates with Apple's Reminders as well.

Fantastical 2 makes it very fast and simple to enter and manage information. Users can type in data using natural language, and Fantastical takes care of the rest. It has bidirectional scrolling -- the days at the top scroll side to side while the list of upcoming events scrolls vertically. Flipping the phone to landscape shows a more detailed week view.

Unfortunately, Fantastical 2 does not have an iPad app. But since it uses Apple's universal Reminders and Calendar database, it will sync with Apple's default calendar app.

Fantastical 2 is a beautiful, clean, and productive calendar app that looks great on iOS 7. It is a brand new app, not an update, so it costs both existing and new users $2.99.

- Learn more about Fantastical 2
- Buy Fantastical 2 from Flexibits in the App Store ($2.99)

Check out MacBreak Weekly episode 375 for Rene's explanation of Fantastical 2.