iPad Pick: Slope iPad Stand

Slope from Dekke

Leo's pick of the week on MacBreak Weekly 380 is the Slope iPad stand from Dekke. The Slope stand is made of aluminum and has an elegant and simple design that resembles the base of Apple's iMac.

What makes the Slope unique is the way in which it mounts the iPad. It uses microscopic suction to tightly hold the iPad in place, and to keep the stand mounted on a flat surface. The suction pads are made of a "Nanofoam" with thousands of tiny air pockets that act as suction cups. This means it won't quickly wear out when frequently attaching and detaching the iPad.

While the angle of the Slope stand can't be adjusted, this is an easy and attractive way to securely mount an iPad anywhere. The Slope from Dekke comes in two sizes to support both the iPad mini and full size iPad. It's also on sale for 20% off the normal price for the holidays.

- Learn more about the Slope from Dekke
- Buy Slope for iPad ($47.99, normally $59.99)
- Buy Slope for iPad Mini ($43.99, normally $54.99)

For more on the Slope iPad stand from Dekke, check out MacBreak Weekly episode 380.