Game Pick: Crazy Taxi

Crazy Taxi: City Rush

Leo Laporte's app cap on iPad Today 209 is Crazy Taxi: City Rush by Sega. The first game in this series was released in arcades back in 1999, and was ported to the Dreamcast in 2000. It has seen multiple sequels on various platforms since, and now this latest adaptation is being developed exclusively for mobile devices.

Crazy Taxi: City Rush is based in the fictional "Bay City," which strongly resembles San Francisco. The goal of the game is to earn fares by taking customers to their destinations as quickly as possible. The faster and crazier you drive, the more points you'll get. While many iOS games suffer from cumbersome controls, Crazy Taxi has intuitive, one-touch controls for drifting, whipping around corners, jumping ramps and more.

Fans of Crazy Taxi will find a lot of familiar characters along with brand new ones. You can also customize your taxi cab, and choose from a whole fleet of different cars. These in-game upgrades don't come free, however -- you'll have to play the game to earn points or buy them with real money as in-app purchases. The game itself is free to download though, and it's a universal app designed for both iPhone and iPad. There's also a version available for Android.

- Get Crazy Taxi: City Rush for iOS (Free)
- Get Crazy Taxi: City Rush for Android (Free)

To see Leo Laporte play Crazy Taxi: City Rush, check out iPad Today episode 209.