Now Hiring: Director of Engineering is looking for a talented, enthusiastic individual to work full time in our Petaluma, California studio as a Director of Engineering.  As the Director of Engineering, you will be responsible for overseeing and managing the technology which enables TWiT to create and deliver content to viewers. This position reports to the executive management team.

Primary Tasks and Responsibilities:

No Need to Worry

TWiT's All Shows Feed

By popular demand, we’ve added an "All TWiT Shows" feed, which allows you to subscribe to all of the programming offered by the TWiT network.

It's available in 4 different formats, and you can find the links to subscribe here.

How to Subscribe to TWiT Shows

We’ve launched a new page on how to subscribe to TWiT shows.

It contains links to RSS feeds for each show (in four different formats), which you can copy and paste into your favorite client or feed reader. There are also direct links to find our shows and subscribe on iTunes and YouTube.

Check it out here.