Ebay Auction to Benefit EFF

UPDATE: The auction ends Friday afternoon at 2:30p Eastern (19:30 UTC). Get your bid in soon!! You remember that issue of the Adventures of Superman (#648, March '06) that featured sly references to TWiT, Command-N, and Hak.5? Well now you can own your own autographed copy, sealed in plastic. This is limited edition of eight comics, autographed by:
  • Amber MacArthur (commandN, TWiT)
  • Darren Kitchen (Hak.5)
  • Leo Laporte (TWiT)
  • Mike Lazazzera (commandN)
  • Wess Tobler (Hak.5)
The top three bidders will get theirs also autographed by Hak.5's Alli and a special TWiT Pocket Protector autographed by Kevin, Patrick, the Woz, and me plus bonus TWiT swag. All the money raised will go to benefit the Electronic Frontier Foundation in their ongoing fight to protect your rights online.

Live from the Apple Store

You're invited to join us for a live taping of this WEEK in TECH, Friday, March 3, at the Apple Store in San Francisco.

Our cast will include Screen Savers Patrick Norton and Kevin Rose, Molly Wood of CNET's Buzz Report, former ABC tech reporter, Gina Smith, and Apple founder, Steve Wozniak. Special guest: Merlin Mann of 43folders.

The show begins at 6:30 (that's the show where I rush around setting up equipment like a madman), tape rolls at 7p. We will be video taping so wear your TWiTiest gear.

I will have TWiT pocket protectors, buttons, pens, and toothbrushes to give away. And if Apple lets me, Ubuntu Linux discs for the first 50 people. Join the fun tomorrow evening in San Fran. See you there! Update

Hi, gang! Here's the latest from

You may have noticed that I've changed the header a little. That's to prepare for a complete site redesign and rebranding coming soon. Amber and her team at arktyp have completed the design and now it's up to me to get it working in Drupal. I'll post a beta link when it's actually doing something.

The rebranding is to emphasize the fact that this is a network of shows. Our flagship is this WEEK in TECH or TWiT, and the network is

I'm almost done with adding shows, but there are a couple of more I think we need to do. John and I working on a new Triangulation to cover the AOL Goodmail controversy, that should be out later this week, and I've started developing a Linux/Open Source weekly show (FLOSS Weekly - thanks to zeke123 for the name!), much like Inside the Net, featuring important open source software and its developers. I think we'll use Triangulation for single topic specials - neither John nor I have the time to do it weekly.

Download numbers are in from AOL. These are downloads from 2/1-2/19/2006 and don't include BitTorrent or mirrors.

TWiT 41: 261,229
Security Now 25: 100,845
Inside the Net 10: 45,447

No Daily Giz Wiz or MacBreak stats yet, but that puts us over 400,000 downloads per week. That's something like a medium cable channel (well bigger than TechTV anyway) so I think we're doing very well, ahead of all our projections. And we're still growing fast.

We are pitching advertisers now, and we've got some bites, but I'm holding out for just the right relationship.

The store is under development. We've got some great items and hope to launch before summer.

My deepest thanks for the volunteer efforts of all our hosts and our production partners, Pixel Corps. Thanks to AOL Radio, who now pushes well over a terabyte a day of data for us. And most of all, thanks to our donors and listeners. We couldn't do this without you.

Bad Dog, No Guinness

Just to set the record straight... from Ricky Gervais's website:

Ricky Gervais and his team were today awarded the Guinness World Record for the most downloaded podcast, gaining an average of 261,670 downloads per episode of 'The Ricky Gervais Show' during its first month.

I love Ricky Gervais, and as far as I'm concerned his hysterical podcast deserves every award in the book, but, I'm sorry, it is definitely not the "most downloaded podcast."

No TWiT Today

My sincerest apologies but I was unable to gather a quorum for TWiT today. Robert Heron, Steve Wozniak, and I showed up, but no one else was available.

It probably has something to do with the spectacular weather we're getting right now in California - sorry East Coast - and with the fact that I was out of touch all week on the Geek Cruise and so was unable to do my usual cat herding.

In any event, I do apologize. We'll take the week off and regroup next week for TWiT 42: The Answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything. Thanks.

Buzz Words

Yesterday I spent some time with CNET's Buzz Report - kind of a civilized TWiT - and Tom Merritt (former Executive Producer), Molly Wood of Anchordesk, and Veronica the Producer. I had a great time. You can listen to the show by clicking the link to the left under Radio Leo, or through the CNET Site. I've invited them on TWiT to return the favor.

TWiT Forums

We've clearly outgrown the commenting capabilities of Drupal. Many folks have asked me for forums, so I think it's time to set these up and close down comments here.

The new forums are at

In an effort to avoid the mess that public forums have become elsewhere, and to thank supporters, I am going to limit access to TWiT contributors. I don't have an automatic way to do that just yet, however, so I guess you'll just have to apply for an account.

When you sign up, please provide either your Paypal receipt number (from your confirmation email) or the email address you paid with, so I can verify your membership.

Please rate Episode 40: Yellow Lasers

I've been kinda stunned by the negative reaction to this week's TWiT (read the comments to Episode 40 for some idea). Is it really the worst TWiT ever? Or did you like it a lot? I'd like to get some feedback. Please rate it in the poll to the right. As always, we want to give you the kind of shows you like best and the best way to do that is to get your feedback.

The good news is that I think we've figured out why shows were getting truncated and we've fixed the links for 39 and 40. Listenership is up substantially - TWiT 38 was downloaded 223,000 times in one week, not including mirrors, BitTorrent, and video - but we don't want to chase you all away, so let us know what you think.


Someone at DC Comics must like podcasts. This is from The Adventures of Superman - issue 648, March 2006.

Notice the guy in the TWiT Hoodie on the left. HAK.5 and Command-N, too! I guess we're all part of mainstream culture now!

We've Got Issues

Our beloved primary bandwidth provider, AOL Radio, converted all its servers to Akamai last week. Ultimately this will mean much faster download speeds, and since they were pushing 3.4TB a day they really needed to do it.

However, this has meant some hiccups in the short run. A number of people have complained of truncated downloads for Security Now and TWiT. I believe this is happening because your local Akamai server has an incomplete version of the show. It's a small minority of servers, but we'd like to figure out which ones are not working properly.

If you attempted to download TWiT, Security Now, or Inside the Net in the past week via HTTP by clicking on a link on this page, or via iTunes, and received a short show please send me an email with your local IP address and the length of the file you received. That will help us locate the areas where there are problems.

The good news is that BitTorrent is getting easier and easier. I've been playing with a new client for Windows and Mac called Fireant and I'm very impressed. Not only will it download audio and video files via BitTorrent, the software allows you to copy video and audio directly to an iPod, PSP, Creative Zen, and other devices. If you're having trouble getting TWiT via iTunes you might want to try Fireant.

Here are the BitTorrent RSS links you can use with Fireant:

Thanks for your help and patience. Even though TWiT is a year old now, we're still an infant with lots of growing to do.