Weblog Awards

Best Podcast - The 2007 Weblog Awards.jpgI'm not usually one to lobby for votes, but since I'm speaking at BlogWorld Expo, I would appreciate your vote for TWiT as best podcast in the Weblog awards. The awards will be presented Thursday evening at BlogWorld.

net@nite and Windows Weekly Update

Amber and I have decided to take a hiatus with net@nite. Amber's very busy at the moment with her TV shows and Command-N and it's tough for both of us to keep producing the show Sunday nights. We do want to keep working together, though, and are looking at other projects we can put on TWiT.

Meanwhile, I do have sponsorship commitments for the show, and I know we need something covering the web on the network, so I'm looking at ways to keep it going either alone or with a new co-host, and possibly with a change in format. Stay tuned.

Also Windows Weekly will be missing a couple of episodes due to travel. Paul and I will be back with a new show on October 12.

Amber and Leo Appearance

Amber MacArthur and I will be making a personal appearance this week in Vancouver, BC on behalf of Future Shop.

We'll be debating LCD vs Plasma and the Future of Television this Thursday, 27 September, from 11:30a-12:30p at the Futureshop store, 1740 West Broadway in Vancouver. The CBC's Tod Maffin will be moderating (and keeping us from throwing any punches).

Happy Labor Day!

All the TWiTs have been working hard this year so I thought they should take some time off this weekend. As a result there will be no TWiT or net@nite this week. We'll be back with new shows next Sunday though. Have a great long weekend!

Two New Shows

We've added two more shows to the TWiT family. That makes two shows for you to listen to every day of the week. -whew- Megan Morrone, who left the Screen Savers in 2003 to have a baby, Annabella, and then twins Milo and Huck, has returned with Jumping Monkeys, a weekly look at parenting in the digital age. The show is usually an hour long and features links, chat, and interviews with other geek parents. Jumping Monkeys comes out every Saturday. Goes Read-Only

As you may have noticed, I have changed into a read-only web site, without logins and commenting (much as Alex has done at

It's not that I don't welcome your comments, but I'm having all sorts of difficulties with the software over cookies and log-ins. Add to that the difficulty of moderating thousands of entries for spam, and I think you'll see that it's impractical for now to keep things as they are. At some point I hope to find a Drupal developer I can afford (Lullabot is way beyond my means these days) and I'll be able to update this site to Drupal 5 and restore some of the interactivity. Until then we'll have to live with a simpler design.

Annual Paypal Renewals Coming Up

Just a word of warning to those of you who so very generously signed up for yearly donations to TWiT. We're closing on the two year anniversary of TWiT donations, so many of you will automatically be billed $20 in the next month or so. Last year this surprised a lot of you - and I received some complaints. I don't want you to be taken off guard this year. (That's why I eliminated the yearly subscription as an option some time ago.) I have nothing to do with the automatic billing. Paypal does that. If you signed up for a recurring donation it will happen automatically on your anniversary date. If you don't want it to happen, you need to cancel yourself. For obvious reasons I don't have access to your Paypal subscriptions.

The Lab Debuts April 23

The reinvented (and renamed) Call for Help debuts April 23 in Canada and Australia. Now that the show is out we'll start looking for US venues. No word on Internet distribution at this time.

TWiT, The Movie

The video from last week's TWiT is up. It's a huge 500MB file. Too big to put on a feed. You'll have to download it directly. Thanks for the bandwidth, Cachefly!
  • H.264 Video (suitable for AppleTV or Computer - Quicktime required) 482.61MB - Courtesy Cachefly