TWiT Live Specials

Jun 22nd 2014

TWiT Live Specials 204

I'd Fund That! Beta 2

The Qwerkywriter, The Link, Sherlybox, and RoboTar.
Hosts: Leo Laporte, Mike Elgan, and Andy Ihnatko In the second beta episode of "I'd Fund That!", we get pitches from the Qwerkywriter, The Link, the Sherlybox, and RoboTar. The Qwerkywriter - Typewriter Inspired Mechanical Keyboard: The Link - a device that makes any speaker wireless: Sherlybox - Private, shareable P2P cloud on your desk: RoboTar - Robotic chord hand for guitar: Download or subscribe to this show at Thanks to Cachefly for the bandwidth for this show. Runtime: 1:14:32