Tech Break

May 17th 2017

Tech Break 4030

Machine Learning for Everyone

Google Cloud TPU
Category: TWiT Bits

Everyone wants to talk about their own machine learning, but Google is clearly winning this war. Today CEO Sundar Pichai revealed a new machine learning chip and service called Cloud TPU, aimed at beating Amazon and Microsoft at the cloud computing game. And as the winner in this so-called war, Google is giving back. Today they said they would give a cluster of 1,000 Cloud TPUs to researchers for free. Researchers or students can use TPUs, or TensorFlow Processor Unit (TPU), to train and infer tasks. Google's effort is intended to raise interest in machine learning and eventually to increase use of Google’s cloud services. If you're interested, you can fill out a questionnaire with some basic information about the size and types of of your training sets. The formal application process will begin soon, says TechCrunch.

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