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Mar 16th 2017

Tech Break 3825

Sub $350 3D Printer

Good starter 3D Printer.
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Starting 3D Printer        
-- Tracy Delph        
"Hey guys, I'm looking to buy my first 3d printer. My price point is sub $350. I've watched the KnowHow episode for the MonoPrice Maker Select and the New Matter Mod-t. I like both of these printers but I've seen some posts saying the Mod-t is more of a toy than a good 3D printer. Any recommendations, I'm new to this category but I catch on pretty quick. Thanks in advance..."        
New Matter MOD-t    ~$300   
* Non-Heated Build Plate        
* Browser-Based USB Interface        
* WiFi Enabled        
* Quiet & Low Maintenence        
* Removable Print Bed        
* Unique "Bed & Rod" system that does away with leveling        
* Auto Centering & Homing        
* Medium Build Area (6" x 4" x 5") vs. [Select:7.9" x 7.9" x 7.1"] vs. [Dremel: 5.9" x 5.5" x 9"]        
* Selectable 100/200/300/400 Micron Resolution        
* Uses STANDARD 1.75mm PLA Filament        
* 100mm/s Printing Speed        
* Maximum Extruder Temp of 500F(260C)        
* Supports STL OBJ - GCODE        
Talking Points:        
1. PERFECT Novice Printer (Self-homing, no calibration)        
2. Innovative bed system        
3. Wireless is convenient        
4. Quiet        

Monoprice Maker Select V2    ~$317            
* Heated Build Plate (No more bacon!)        
* MicroSD Card Slot for print loading (standalone -- Don't need a connected PC)        
* Large Build Area (7.9" x 7.9" x 7.1")   [The Dremel is 5.9" x 5.5" x 9"]        
* 100 Micron Resoution        
* Uses STANDARD 1.75mm Filament: (ABS, PLA, XT, PET, TPU, TPC, FPE, FPA, HIPS, Jelly, Foam, Felty)        
* 100mm/s Printing Speed        
* Maximum Extruder Temp of 500F(260C)        
* 1 Year Warranty        
Talking Points:        
1. Not a Novice Printer, but a GREAT Intermediate unit        
2. Structural play (Tendency to move structural members)        
3. Lots of 3d-printed after-market mods        
4. CRAZY-Flexible        
5. Redefines what you can expect from a $300 printer        

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