Tech Break

Jan 14th 2017

Tech Break 3550

Glass Corning Concept Car

The Corning Connected Car.
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Jason Howell and Megan Morrone discuss the new Corning car made of Gorilla Glass. It's not entirely made of glass, although that would be bananas. But a lot of the car is made of glass. If you live in a warm climate, this might immediately conjure the feeling of a sweaty road trip, but Antuan Goodwin from CNET had a chance to sit in the concept car and says the glass is electro chromatic which means it lets light in when you want it and keeps the sun off you when you don't. Corning glass is thinner, lighter, and more scratch resistant than the glass that carmakers usually use. The Corning glass dashboard and center console contain fiber optic controls, but it's also flexible which means it's easier to produce, which means a cheaper car. Not cheap, but cheaper.

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