Tech Break

Nov 9th 2016

Tech Break 3313

Why Votcastr Failed

Why the data was wrong.
Category: TWiT Bits

Jason Howell and Megan Morrone discuss the 2016 Presidential Election and why the data was wrong. You may or may not feel let down by last night's election, but one thing that we can agree on is that the data geeks let us down. Whether your candidate was predicted to win or not, the predicted candidate did not win and a lot of people are asking why. Not least of which is the people putting faith in the start-up Votecastr. VoteCastr's mission was to gather, publish, and analyze voter-turnout information in swing states to provide early predictions to the race. The problem was that even though they had so-called data gurus who had worked on both the George W. Bush and the Obama campaigns, it got almost all of their predictions wrong.

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