Tech Break

Oct 22nd 2016

Tech Break 3239

You Can't Drive for Uber with Your Tesla

Tesla cars from now on will include hardware to become fully autonomous with an optional software package.
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Megan Morrone and Jason Howell discuss all the announcements from Tesla. All of its cars will now include the hardware to at some point become fully autonomous. The Model S and Model X vehicles with this new hardware are already in production and you can order one right now. Once the Model 3 goes into production it will also contain this hardware. Engadget says the fully autonomous software package will cost an extra $8,000. Ars Technica said, "Full Self-Driving Capability" is a $3,000 option at the time of purchase, $4,000 after the fact. Check the Tesla website for the complicated price structure. The new robot Tesla's will not feature those unsightly cameras sprouting out the top like Google and Uber's self-driving cars but will be built right into the sleek Tesla design. The company also released a promotional video set to the tune of The Rolling Stones Paint it Black, for some reason. They do know that Paint it Black is about a funeral, right?

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