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Jun 22nd 2016

Tech Break 2749

Savvy Social Media in Politics Season

How to survive social media during politics season
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Megan Morrone and Jason Howell talk to Ellen Hendricksen from the Savvy Psychologist on the Quick and Dirty Tips network about how to survive social media during politics season. The presidential election in the US has been polarizing people on social media for several months. And its been a tough few weeks with other hot button issues being shared online, like the letter from the rape victim on Stanford's campus, news of the shootings in Orlando and the now almost perfunctory arguments about the second amendment. I've heard from many people who just want to turn off social media because of all the ways it triggers us. So, we decided to get Elle's expert advice. Also, get tips and suggestions for parents helping teens and younger kids deal with tragedies they see on social media. Read Ellen's great articles for more information:

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