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Jun 10th 2015

Tech Break 1250

The Untold Story of Microsoft's Surface Hub: Tech News Today 1277

Harry McCracken tells the untold story about Microsoft's Surface Hub.
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Microsoft unveiled its Windows 10-based Surface Hub conference room system back in January, and this morning unveiled more details. The product comes in two versions: The 84-inch 4K Surface Hub retails for $19,999. While the 55-inch 1080p version costs $6,999. The product goes on preorder July first, and ships in September. The system has two wide-angle HD cameras, an array of Microphones and other sensor, and enables touch input from up to 100 fingers and up to 3 pens simultaneously. The development of the Surface Hub has been years in the making. Microsoft has been highly secretive about the project. But this morning, Fast Company's Harry McCracken revealed how the Surface Hub came to be. For the full episode, go to Bandwidth for TWiT Bits is provided by Cachefly.