Leo Laporte, The Tech Guy

Jun 4th 2006

The Tech Guy 254

KFI Tech Guy #254

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Leo Laporte the Tech Guy on KFI is taking YOUR calls.
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Category: Help & How To


  • Dean in Yorba Linda - CD-RW/DVD not burning CD
  • Ron in Orlando - I've been phished!


  • Lisa in San Bernardino - I deleted MS Serif!
  • Joe in Fountain Valley - taking high speed pictures
  • Morris in Manhattan - downloading PC software to a Mac
  • Gary in Laguna Beach - don't use the scene modes
  • Karen in New York - accessing her Wi-Fi router with Mac


  • Terry in Glendale - HP Media Center can't run programs
  • Dottie in Huntington Beach - XP slow to boot