Leo Laporte, The Tech Guy

May 28th 2006

The Tech Guy 252

KFI Tech Guy #252

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Leo Laporte the Tech Guy on KFI is taking YOUR calls.
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Category: Help & How To



    • Martha from Placentia - Need to buy a new computer
    • Marlene from Riverside - Lost pictures in Kodak Easyshare
    • Cookie from Valencia - Computer freezes when creating new folder/Recommendations for PocketPCs
    • Richard from Monrovia - Network storage drives


    • Melissa from Corona del Mar - Multiple iPods on One Computer
    • Lisa from Irvine - Defragmenting OSX-based external hard drives
    • Dawn from Bellflower - Windows saying XP is not genuine
    • Dan from Bellflower - PC boots into setup mode/Suggestion for a new PC
    • Comment about WPA being cracked
    • What do you think about the MacBook?