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Jul 31st 2022

The Tech Guy 1914

Sunday, July 31, 2022

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Newest vs Older Phone Upgrades, Text Scamming, Vintage Computers
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Category: Help & How To

Should I go with the latest and great phone, or is last year's model just as good? Why is my computer crashing when using iMovie? The new text scamming that is happening. Alternatives to Microsoft Word. Space! Vintage Macs and PCs. How do you change the default location of saved scanned documents? NAS recommendations. Plus, chatting with Sam Abuelsamid and Chris Marquardt!

  • "How to relive the pleasures of a landline."
  • A slightly older phone or the latest and greatest when upgrading a phone?
  • Sam Abuelsmaid and the Ford Lightning vs. Rivian R1T electric trucks.
  • Why is my computer crashing when using iMovie & what Mac computer to upgrade to?
  • The new text scam.
  • Why is Microsoft Word slowing down suddenly, and what are some alternatives to Microsoft Word?
  • Chris Marquardt and the Beautiful Assignment Review.
  • Spaaaaaaaceeeee!
  • Why are my photos not being sent to my iCloud & Mac suddenly?
  • Vintage Macs, PCs, and the value of older computers.
  • Changing the default location of your HP scanner for saving scanned documents.
  • NAS recommendations.

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