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Feb 20th 2022

The Tech Guy 1870

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Soundbars, Domain Hosting, John Glenn Anniversary
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Category: Help & How To

Starting with Synology, soundbars to help improve dialogue audio, recovering QuickBooks files after updating Mac OS, how to deter spam callers, some domain host suggestions, and why QuickBooks is running slow when using it online. Plus Sam Abuelsamid and adaptive headlights & Rod Pyle and John Glenn's 60th Anniversary.

  • Windows 11 Pro soon to require an active internet connection?
  • What's to come in Apple's rumored event in March? New Macintosh, updated Mac Mini or MacBook Air?
  • NHTA is close to legalizing adaptive headlights
  • Amy Webb's interview on Triangulation
  • Starting with Synology
  • Sam Abuelsamid and the adaptive headlights
  • US Judge dismiss charges against a Boeing 737 Max pilot
  • Soundbars that can help improve hearing dialogue in shows and movies
  • AT&T is sunsetting 3G this month!
  • Recovering QuickBooks files after updating Mac OS
  • Deterring spam callers
  • Domain hosts that use POP3
  • Why the DJI Fly App is no longer supported on older Android phones
  • Where does email reside?
  • Rod Pyle & the John Glenn 60 year anniversary
  • QuickBooks Online is running slow
  • Best way to receive and manage online bills

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