Hands-On Mac

We have redesigned Hands-On Mac to include bits of knowledge, tips, and tricks for your Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and more. All brought to you by Mikah Sargent, TWiT's Apple aficionado.

Jason Snell Joins MacBreak Weekly

For 30 years, Jason has covered Apple and was the lead editor at Macworld. He’s appeared on many episodes throughout the network, including hosting This Week in Tech. Jason will step into Rene's spot as permanent co-host on MacBreak Weekly.

Club TWiT Offers Annual Memberships

On our first anniversary, Club TWiT, a fan-supported service where you can listen to or watch all of our podcasts ad-free and more, offers annual memberships.

TWiT is Going to Space - UPDATE

Starting March 4, 2022, This Week in Space will be available to the public.

The Untitled Linux Show Gets Its Own Feed on Club TWiT!

Due to rising popularity, The Untitled Linux Show now has its own feed in Club TWiT!

Huyen Tue Dao Joins TWiT

We are thrilled to announce Huyen Tue Dao as an official co-host for All About Android starting Tuesday, January 11, 2022.

Smart Tech Today Podcast is Canceled

Smart Tech Today has ended its run, with the last episode published on December 23, 2021.

All of The Tech Guy's Content in One Place

We have consolidated the content from to The Tech Guy show page on We want to give our listeners one place to get The Tech Guy content and be consistent with the rest of our TWiT shows. Transcripts Are Back

We brought back transcripts to a few of our podcasts! By adding podcast transcripts, we can offer our hearing-impaired listeners, those who speak other languages, love to read, or just want to follow along with our shows a written account of our shows.

Single-Show Ad-Free Subscriptions on Apple Podcasts

When we launched Club TWiT in April, we heard from many of you about only wanting one or two of your favorite TWiT shows ad-free. So, in response to popular demand, we are launching single-show subscriptions with Apple Podcasts for $2.99 per month per show.

TWiT is a Carbon Neutral Company

As a company, we have taken the extra step by buying carbon credits and doing what we can to offset carbon emissions. We are now a carbon neutral company and family.

Club TWiT Corporate Plans

Club TWiT now offers corporate group plans. It's a great way to give your team access to our ad-free tech podcasts. The plans start with five members at a discounted rate of $6 each per month and you can add as many seats as you'd like.

Join Leo Laporte and Paul Thurrott on an Alaskan Cruise

Come aboard the TWiT cruise with Leo, Lisa Laporte, Paul Thurrott, and fellow TWiT fans in the summer of 2022. The TWiT cruise is set for July 16 - 23, 2022.

TWiT Studio Remains Closed to the Public

After a year and four months, the entire TWiT crew returned to the studio on July 12, 2021. However, the studio will remain closed to the public as we continue to stay vigilant against COVID-19.

It's Time for a Tech Break

TWiT's podcasts are for the discerning tech enthusiast, and now we are adding Tech Break to bring you technology updates as they happen.

Introducing Club TWiT!

Club TWiT is a way for us to get back to our roots, and that’s serving our community of devoted tech enthusiasts. It also offers a new way for you to directly support the network you love.

Support TWiT by Whitelisting Chartable, Podsights, and Megaphone

To continue providing podcasts free to you, ad tech and dynamically inserted ads are necessary tools for TWiT. We respectfully ask that you include the following domains to ad blocker approved lists...

Changes at TWiT for 2021

As 2020 comes to a close, we look forward to kicking off the new year with effective vaccines for all.  Here at TWiT, we are making some changes. 

Leo and Mikah to Deliver Live Coverage of November Apple Event

It’s been a challenging year, but Apple fans can look forward to "One More" event on November 10.

TWiT to Test Podsights Attribution Service

Soon, TWiT will begin testing the attribution service Podsights, as we set our eyes on a 2021 transition away from Chartable. We will start the test with FLOSS Weekly. If that goes according to plan, we will expand the testing to include other shows.

TWiT Launches Official Roku App

When an old app, created by a fan, stopped working last month, we heard from many of you who missed having a dedicated app for TWiT shows. So, in response to popular demand, we've released an official TWiT channel on Roku.

TWiT Podcast Hosts Reflect on Podcasting on International Podcast Day

Every day is podcast day here at TWiT, but today, on International Podcast Day, we celebrate with the entire community of podcasters and listeners.

Attack and Defense: Experts to Debate Cybersecurity Threats on Podcast

On October 8th at 1 p.m. PT on the TWiT Live Stream, a panel of security experts will discuss five common attack scenarios and the best practices to defend against them.

Forging Our Way Through the COVID-19 Era as an Independent Podcast Network

At, we produce 20 weekly podcasts for an engaged community of tech enthusiasts. We are one of the longest-running independent tech podcasting networks. We haven’t missed a single episode since the pandemic began.

Enterprise IT in the Post-Covid World - A Special Podcast

What will the new normal look like after COVID-19, from an enterprise IT perspective? Mark your calendars for a special online panel discussion on what to expect and how to prepare.