Tip: Participate in Project Baseline from Verily

Jeff Jarvis' pick of the week on This Week in Google 402 is a new project announced by Verily, the Google spin-off working on health. They've just announced Project Baseline, a broad effort to develop a reference point of good health and a data platform to better understand the transition from health to disease. It also will aim to identify risk factors for disease. Verily is partnering with Duke University and Stanford Medicine for the first initiative, and they're looking for 10,000 participants. This is a longitudinal observational study that will span the course of 4 years.

If you are chosen to be a participant, you'll be asked some basic quesions, and then you'll need to go in twice a year for them to do tests and collect data. This will help Verily get a baseline of data across many people to help the greater society.

-
- Apply to participate in the study at

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