Tip: Charge a MacBook Internationally Without Specific Adapters

Alex Lindsay had a tip on MacBreak Weekly 506 for charging Apple devices in foreign countries without an international power adapter. Alex carries a kenable IEC C14 to Figure 8 C7 plug to do this. If you take the plug off of an Apple MacBook charger, you'll find a Figure 8 C7 plug that you can plug that cable into. The C14 end of the cable is universal everywhere, so you'll be able to plug that into the appropriate plug for the country you're visiting.

If you don't have the kenable IEC C14 to Figure 8 C7 cable, you can use the power cable for the hotel's TV since many of those use the same Figure 8 C7 plug as well. The cable only costs $3.84 on Amazon.

- Buy a kenable IEC C14 3 pin Male Plug to Figure 8 C7 Plug Power Adapter Cable on Amazon

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