Smart Home Pick: Fibaro Motion Sensor

Stacey Higginbotham's pick from This Week in Google 413 is the Fibaro HomeKit enabled motion sensor. As it senses motion, it lights up to look like a cat's eye. When it lights up, the color indicates what temperature it is in the room. In addition to sensing the temperature, it also has intelligence that can count how many guests have entered your house, and can even distinguish between small pets and people.

The Fibaro motion sensor can be set up in conjunction with other smart home devices. Since it works with Apple's HomeKit, you can use voice control through Siri, and you can use it through the built-in Control Center in iOS. It's powered by a battery that will last 2 years, and doesn't require any cables.

- Learn more about the Fibaro HomeKit Motion Sensor (fibaro.com)
- Buy the Fibaro HomeKit Motion Sensor on Amazon ($69.99)

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