Pick: 60dB

Leo Laporte's app cap on iOS Today 332 is 60dB. This app lets you listen to podcasts like a radio station. It's all spoken word content, and that's actually where the name comes from -- 60dB is the decibel level of the human voice. This app gives you a continuous, endless stream based on your interests. You can thumbs up or thumbs down content to better tailor it to what you want to hear as well.

There are two kinds of streams you can choose from. There's "quick hits" which is a collection of shorter form content that's under 15 minutes. The second category is "in-depth," which is a collection of longer shows that are typically 20 minutes to an hour. 60dbB also has an Amazon Echo skill, so you can pick up where you left off or start a new stream.

- Learn more about 60dB (60db.co)
- Get 60dB in the iOS App Store (Free)

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