Mac Picks: iTerm2 and Homebrew

Leo Laporte's pick of the week on MacBreak Weekly 534 is iTerm2. This is a free terminal emulator for macOS that has a lot of features that go beyond the regular Terminal. It allows you to have split panes, with each one showing a different session. There's a robust find-on-page search feature, which also makes it possible to copy commands without requiring use of the mouse. There's a paste history that lets you revisit recently copied or pasted text.

Now with version 3, iTerm includes shell integration, so it knows where your shell prompt is, the commands you're entering, which host you're on, and what your current directory is. You can also have iTerm2 switch profiles automatically depending on what you're doing. iTerm2 now has inline images, timestamps, a password manager, annotations, and more.

Leo also recommends Homebrew for installing Unix style applications. Once this is installed, you can install thousands of Unix apps -- it claims to be the "missing package manager" for macOS.

- Learn more about iTerm2 (iterm2.com)
- Learn more about Homebrew (brew.sh)

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