Mac Pick: OmniGraffle 7

Rene Ritchie's pick of the week on MacBreak Weekly 528 is OmniGraffle by the Omni Group. In September, they announced a new business model on the Mac App Store. Traditionally, when they would sell apps on their own site separate from the Mac App Store, they would have the freedom to give people upgrade discounts, free copies if they had just bought it, different tiers of pricing, and more. These kinds of things aren't possible with the Mac App Store, but Omni Group has just figured out how they can do it.

Now when you first open Omni Graffle 7, the app gives you a dialog box with purchase options. If you just dismiss that box, you'll just have the app in read-only mode. But you can also get an upgrade purchase, unlock it if you had just bought the previous version, get different pricing tiers, and more. It's still a one-time price with no subscriptions.

This lack of flexibility has been a pain point for many developers on the Mac App Store, and many have quit using it as a result. The Omni Group, however, has figured out how they can get around these limitations and still offer software like they did independently of the App Store.

- Learn more about OmniGraffle 7 (omnigroup.com)
- Buy OmniGraffle 7 on the Mac App Store

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