Mac Pick: F-Secure XFence

Leo Laporte's pick of the week on MacBreak Weekly 557 is F-Secure XFence. When Mac Security Guru Jonathan Zdziarski accepted a position at Apple, he sold his app Little Flocker to F-Secure. F-Secure has bundled that into a security package that they are offering for free called XFence. F-Secure says XFence is an effective way to prevent silent exfiltration, encryption, or destruction of your data.

XFence features real-time protection against unauthorized access to your files. It will monitor applications, protect removable media from being accessed without your permission, allow you to choose which apps are allowed to use your webcam, notify you when your microphone or webcam are in use and if an application is intercepting your keyboard presses, and much more.

XFence is currently still in beta and is being offered as a free download.

- Learn more about F-Secure XFence (f-secure.com)

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