Mac Pick: Deckset

Andy Ihnatko's pick of the week on MacBreak Weekly 557 is Deckset. This is a presentation app built on markdown. Just write your presentation as a text document, open it in Deckset, and present. You can quickly change and add slides in on the fly with just a few keystrokes, even while presenting.

Deckset includes nineteen themes that are designed to work for various audiences. It features automatic layout and easy image and video integration. It has automatic syntax highlighting for hundreds of languages and 'scale-to-fit' text sizing. Deckset supports speaker notes and rehearsal mode, and you can export to PDF, JPG, and PNG.

This may not completely replace PowerPoint or Keynote depending on your needs, since it isn't as easy to rearrange slides in a presentation. But it is great for situations where you need to give regular presentations, and just need to quickly change the information on your slides. It's also a fast way to create a presentation from any note taking app.

- Learn more about Deckset (decksetapp.com)
- Buy Deckset in the Mac App Store ($26.99)

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