Mac Pick: Apple AirPort Time Capsule

Rene Ritchie's pick of the week on MacBreak Weekly 497 is the Apple AirPort Time Capsule. Online backups are great, but it's also a good idea to keep local backups as well. The Time Capsule is essentially an Airport Extreme router with a hard drive in it for automatic backups. You just plug it in like any other router, and it will perform a backup of all of your data. After that, it will keep doing incremental backups. If you have multiple Macs in the house, it will backup all of them.

There are two sizes to choose from on Apple's wesite: 2TB and 3TB. It will just keep versioned copies of all the files on your computer so if something does go wrong, or if you just delete a file by accident, you can get that data back.

Apple's Time Capsule great choice for family members who aren't as computer savvy and need a solution that is automatic and maintenance free. If you are more sophisticated, SuperDuper is an amazing backup utility. There is a free version that will backup and clone your drive, but for $27.95, you can unlock other features like scheduling, Smart Update, scripting, and more.

- Buy the Apple AirPort Time Capsule (From $299)
Get SuperDuper! (Free)

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