Mac and iOS Pick: Ulysses

Andy Ihnatko's pick of the week on MacBreak Weekly 519 is Ulysses by The Soulmen GbR. This is a one-stop writing environment on iOS and Mac. In addition to being a simple text editor, it has markup, images, footnotes, and links to comments and code. Ulysses also has a unified library that offers access to everything you'll ever write, such as snippets, ideas, blog posts, or manuscripts. You can manage your entire project from within the app.

Ulysses syncs everything through iCloud as well, making your work available on iPad, iPhone, and Mac. The synchronization is seamless and automatic. Once you're finished, you can export your project as PDF, web page, ebooks, or Word document format.

- Learn more about Ulysses (ulyssesapp.com)
- Buy Ulysses in the Mac App Store ($44.99)
- Buy Ulysses in the iOS App Store ($24.99)

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