Mac and iOS Pick: Copied

Andy Ihnatko's pick of the week on MacBreak Weekly 543 is Copied, a powerful clipboard manager for iOS and macOS. This makes it possible to save up to 500 of the most recently copied text, links, and images. Copied works across your devices with iCloud Sync, so you can copy something on your Mac and call it up in the iOS Copied app or in a Today Widget. There's also an extension so you can clip data from apps that use the iOS share sheet.

You can manage clippings with lists, then just drag and drop to rearrange them. HotKeys on the Mac can be set up to quickly select a list, copy clippings to the clipboard, and more. Per application rules can be set up to whitelist or blacklist items copied from certain apps, or it can automatically add them to a list.

- Learn more about Copied (copiedapp.com)
- Get Copied in the Mac App Store ($7.99)
- Get Copied in the iOS App Store (Free)

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