iOS Picks: Apps for Relaxing

Leo Laporte's app cap on iOS Today 321 is MTN (pronounced "Mountain"). This is a good app to ease your nerves during the holiday season. You'll first draw things to match the description provided by the app. This will give the app data points for it to generate a mountain.

You can rotate the mountain, see it from space, and look at the bottom of the mountain. The weather changes around it, and the sun sets and rises. Occasionally strange things will fall, and you can pick those things up and do things with them too. There's not a lot to this app, and it's mostly just a good way to try and relieve some stress.

- Get MTN in the iOS App Store ($0.99)

Another app to help relax is Putty 3D. It gives you a ball of putty that you can sculpt into whatever you want. Just touch and drag to carve, shape, or polish it. It goes beyond just putty, too -- you can choose other materials like plastic, ceramic, and even gold. 

- Get Putty 3D in the iOS App Store ($3.99)

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