iOS Pick: Things 3

Leo Laporte's app cap on iOS Today 346 is Things 3, which just came out this week. It has a brand new design, with more clarity, improved workflows, and a better structure. Things is built around the 'Getting Things Done' principle. The inbox is where you can quickly add tasks, tag them, and even create a checklist for each item. Things integrates your calendars, so you can see events and todo items together in the Today and Upcoming views. You can also group tasks within project headers to keep things organized.

Things 3 has desktop-class list editing. You can swipe to select multiple todos, then edit them all at once. You can set their date, move them to a different list, or tap and drag them all together. Things 3 takes full advantage of the features that iOS provides. Use Siri to add items, and Things will import those from the Reminders app. It also has an action extension, making it possible to add tasks from within other apps. It has support for Apple Watch, the Today Widget, Handoff, Notifications, and more.

Things 3 is on sale now for a limited time for 20% off in the iOS App Store.

- Learn more about Things 3 (culturedcode.com)
- Buy Things 3 in the iOS App Store ($7.99 as of 5/23/17)

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