iOS Pick: Streaks

Rene Ritchie's pick of the week on MacBreak Weekly 491 is Streaks by Zervaas Enterprises. This is a to-do app that works differently from a traditional to-do list. Instead of just making a list of items to check off, Streaks is designed to help you learn good habits. Every time you complete a task, it extends your streak. If you break away from completing a task, your streak will reset to zero. Streaks also integrates with the iOS Health app to track fitness related goals.

This is a great way to track recurring tasks, and the app will learn when you typically do things so it can alert you at the appropriate times. When you get notified, you can postpone it so it will notify you later to make sure it still gets done. Streaks has a really great Apple Watch implementation as well, making it easy to see the remaining tasks for the day and mark a task complete.

- Learn more about Streaks (Official Site)
- Buy Streaks in the iOS App Store ($3.99)

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