iOS Pick: MuseMage

Leo Laporte's app cap on iOS Today 338 is MuseMage, which is free this week in the app store. This is a videography app with a lot of interesting features. There are several modes for real-time recording, along with video editing capabilities.

MuseMage offers image stabilization, "Blue Screen" for replacing your background, "Magic Color" which changes the colors of clothes or scenery, several filters and lens effects, a "Real-Time Beautify" mode for making skin look smoother, time-lapse functionality, stop-motion animation, and much more. You can also put it into manual mode to adjust the ISO and shutter speed.

- Learn more about MuseMage (musemage.com)
- Get MuseMage in the iOS App Store (Free, for a limited time as of 3/28/17)

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