iOS Pick: Micro.blog

Megan Morrone’s app cap on iOS Today 381 is Micro.blog. This is a blogging service from Manton Reece that focuses on short entries that can be quick thoughts, links, and replies with friends. This started as a Kickstarter project about a year ago.

Micro.blog has an app for iOS that allows you to see your timeline, which consists of sites and users that you follow, including RSS feeds. You can also use the app to publish to your own site. You can add images, and it supports markdown as well.

Micro.blog is kind of like Twitter, but it’s much simpler and cleaner. You won’t know how many ‘likes’ a post gets or how many followers you have, but you can have conversations with other users. You can also favorite posts so you can easily get back to them.

- Learn more about Micro.blog (micro.blog)
- Get Micro.blog in the iOS App Store (Free)

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