iOS Pick: HDR 360 Bracket Pro

Alex Lindsay's pick of the week on MacBreak Weekly 483 is HDR 360 Bracket Pro from Brad Herman for the Ricoh Theta camera. This app gives you a lot of control over images you take with the Ricoh Theta, and is most useful for visual effects, video game development, and virtual reality. For instance, if you wanted to build a tone mapped image of a scene and put it into a virtual reality headset, the app will build those images. If you're a visual effects artist, you can build really good reflection maps.

This app requires a Ricoh Theta 360 camera, which can be found on Amazon for $249.99. The app is for professional use, and is priced accordingly as well at $49.99 in the iOS App Store.

- Learn more about HDR 360 Bracket Pro (Official Site)
- Get HDR 360 Bracket Pro in the iOS App Store ($49.99)

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