iOS Pick: FaceRig

Alex Lindsay's pick of the week on MacBreak Weekly 595 is FaceRig - Digital Cosplay. This makes it possible to digitally embody a wide variety of characters for recording or video conferencing. You can become soldiers, dragons, cute animals, and more with real-time animation. These are full 3D avatars that follow your facial movements almost as well as the iPhone X can do with Animoji. It doesn't require TrueDepth sensors like the ones found in iPhone X either — this will work with any webcam.

This is free for the basic app with over 25 Snapchat-like face masks, but you can pay to unlock more than 40 realistic 3D avatars.

- Learn more about FaceRig (facerig.com)
- Get FaceRig in the iOS App Store (Free) or the Google Play Store (Free)

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