iOS Pick: Cozmo

Megan Morrone's app cap on iOS Today 316 is Cozmo from Anki, the makers of the smart race cars that can be controlled from smartphones. Cozmo is a life-like robot that can play games and complete tasks, and he'll learn more as he goes. You'll open the app to get daily goals, which are recommendations of activities that will generate extra energy if completed. The more you play, the more skills you'll be able to unlock.

Cozmo comes with Power Cubes that he can interact with during games. He can even recognize faces and act different around people he knows. Cozmo can move around and act on his own, independently, or he can be remote controlled from your mobile device.

- Learn more about Cozmo (anki.com)
- Buy Cozmi by Anki ($179.99)

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