iOS Pick: Bullet Journal Companion

Megan Morrone's app cap on iOS Today 349 is the Bullet Journal Companion app. A bullet journal has a grid printed on its pages, which is great for making checklists and keeping track of things. This is the solution for people who don't typically journal often because it's too much of a chore. Instead, bullet journals rely on short sentences as bulleted items. The Companion app is a compliment to the journal, and has quotes for reflection, articles on bullet journaling, you can see other people's journals, and more.

The Companion app also has a library where you can archive your journal. You can take pictures of the pages in your journal and store them here. You can also add tags to those pages so you can easily find information later.

- Learn more about the Bullet Journal Companion (bulletjournal.com/companion)
- Buy the Bullet Journal Companion in the iOS App Store ($2.99)

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