iOS Pick: Bond

Leo Laporte's app cap on iOS Today 331 is Bond. This is an iPhone app for creating and sending handwritten cards. You can use your own photo for the card, or you can choose from the stationary that comes in the app. You'll continue to the Compose screen, where you'll type out a message. There are a variety of fonts that look like real handwriting and you can choose between print or cursive. Then you'll put in your address and the recipient's address, and it'll send it to them.

You can send a card or a postcard, and it will put a stamp on it and mail it through the USPS. It isn't cheap, however. For one note a month, it costs $5 each. Subscription plans will bring the cost down a little bit: $19 for 4 notes a month or $135 for 30 notes a month.

- Learn more about Bond (bond.co)
- Get Bond in the iOS App Store (Free, $5 per note)

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