iOS Pick: Android LodeRunner

Leo Laporte's app cap on iOS Today 364 is Android - Fast Paced LodeRunner. This is 2D side scrolling game, and is a sequel to the classic LodeRunner. In the game, you're an android character wandering through a universe and you have to use tools to dig, parachute, blow things up with TNT, and more to get away from the enemies and survive. The goal is to collect all of the bags of gold in each level and collect bonus fruit.

This game seems like it would belong on a touch screen device, but unfortunately this version of the game still doesn't have the best controlling interface for touch. It requires you to press arrow buttons on the sides of the screen. It was designed to be an iPhone game, so it's best played there.

- Learn more about Android - Fast Paced LodeRunner (jadegame.com)
- Get Android - Fast Paced LodeRunner in the iOS App Store (Free)

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