iOS Pick: 1 Second Everyday

Leo Laporte's app cap on iOS Today 329 is 1 Second Everyday. This is a video diary that stitches together 1 second videos and photos to document your life. Every day you'll get a reminder to take 1 second of video. Then at the end of the year, or the month, you'll get a video with all of those seconds. It also has basic editing features so you can pick from a video you've already recorded.

1 Second Everyday offers some flexibility, and you can record more than just 1 second if you choose. You can also use a "diary" feature to leave a private message to yourself. The app can also pull in your Instagram posts to create a video. Videos made can be shared as a gif, Instagram loop, or as a whole video.

- Learn more about 1 Second Everyday (1se.co)
- Get 1 Second Everyday in the iOS App Store ($4.99)
- Get 1 Second Everyday in the Google Play Store (Free)

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