Hardware Pick: Ubiquity AmpliFi HD

Alex Lindsay's pick of the week on MacBreak Weekly 570 is Ubiquity's AmpliFi. This is a whole-home, mesh Wi-Fi system that uses 802.11ac. It utilizes multiple self-configuring radios with advanced antenna technology, and is designed to complement your home so you don't have to hide it away like most routers. The mesh points can be plugged into any electrical outlet, and the antenna is connected by magnet so it can be angled easily and won't break if something bumps into it.

The AmpliFi app connects to the AmpliFi devices using Bluetooth LE, and makes it easy to configure your network. It keeps track of which devices are connected to the network and for how long. It will show throughput readings and test your internet service provider speed as well. You can also create a guest network that will only stay on for a set amount of time, create user profiles and configure parental controls, assign quiet times to a user to limit internet access, and more.

The starter Ubiquity AmpliFi HD comes with the base station and two mesh points, but you can purchase additional mesh points separately if needed.

- Learn more about Ubiquity AmpliFi HD (amplifi.com)
- Buy the Ubiquity AmpliFi HD on Amazon ($311.09 as of 8/9/17)

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