Hardware Pick: Elgato Apple HomeKit Devices

Rene Ritchie talked about a few new Apple HomeKit enabled devices from Elgato on MacBreak Weekly 573. First there’s the Eve Thermo, which is a connected radiator valve. This is great for people who live in apartments. Elgato also announced the Eve Smoke, Eve Window Guard, Eve Lock, and the Eve Aqua, which is a connected irrigation controller. There are more and more of these devices being made, which means nearly everything in the home will be controllable through Siri and iOS Control Center.

One of the nice things about Elgato’s approach to HomeKit is that they don’t use a hub. All the logic, transmission, and encryption is built into each device. That way you can just buy the components you need without having to worry about anything being connected to the router or anything else. The devices all work intelligently on their own.

- Learn more about Elgato’s ‘Eve’ Apple HomeKit products (elgato.com)

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