App Picks: SportsEngine & TeamSnap

Alex Lindsay's pick of the week on MacBreak Weekly 552 is SportsEngine. If you have kids participating in sports, it can be very complicated to keep track of the times and whereabouts of practices and games. Instead of relying on phone calls, texts, or emails, SportsEngine is a platform to help parents manage all of this information. There are apps for both iOS and Android, and the user interface is very straightfoward and easy to use.

Megan Morrone suggested another similar app called TeamSnap. This makes it easy to contact other members, schedule events on the calendar, and even get real-time updates delivered to your phone or watch from the sidelines. It also can help you keep track of game statistics, it has task tracking software, and can handle payments.

- Learn more about SportsEngine (sportsengine.com)
- Learn more about TeamSnap (teamsnap.com)

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