App Picks: BusyContacts and Interact

Clayton Morris' picks of the week on MacBreak Weekly 498 is the BusyContacts app for OS X and Interact for iOS. BusyContacts from BusyMac keeps your contacts in sync with all leading cloud services including iCloud, Google, Exchange, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It also supports tags, smart filtering to display contacts that match certain conditions, and it can show you all of the activity you've had with any given contact.

Interact from Agile Tortoise is an iOS app for creating, organizing, and communicating with your contacts. You can quickly create contacts with a single tap on an email signature, info on a webpage, or other apps. You can manage groups for quick communication with multiple people. It also will sync with many cloud services including iCloud and Google.

- Buy BusyContacts in the Mac App Store ($49.99)
- Buy Interact in the iOS App Store ($4.99)

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