App Pick: Telegram Messenger

Leo Laporte's app cap from iOS Today 260 is Telegram Messenger. This is a cross platform messaging app that can be used on the web, desktops, tablets, and phones. It's designed with privacy and security in mind with built-in encryption. It uses a sophisticated peer to peer network making it very fast, and it's open source. Telegram is also fun to use with stickers that you can send to your friends.

Telegram can handle a variety of file types including photos, videos, and documents. The files and messages sent on Telegram are stored in the cloud, and will show up on all of your devices. You can also set up broadcast lists and group chats, and it can handle up to 200 members in a single conversation. If you're interested in an increased level of security, you can send "Secret Chats," where the messages will self-destruct on both participating devices.

- Learn more about Telegram (Official Site)
- Find the Telegram app for your device (Free)

To hear more about Telegram, check out iOS Today episode 260.

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